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7 Pro Tips to Choose the Perfect Floor Tiles for Interior Space

When it comes to choosing the right floor tiles for the interior space, the first fact you need to put at the back of your mind is that it is not ideal to use the same type of floor tiles for every room in a building.  Do you know what that means? Allow me to elaborate.

In a typical home, there are going to be different rooms that are created for other purposes. For instance, the meaning of the living room differs from that of the bedroom. So, that suggests that you may have to use different types of floor tiles for each of the rooms to serve their unique purposes perfectly. 

7 Pro Tips to Choose the Perfect Floor Tiles for Interior Space

Have you considered some unique other rooms like the kitchen and bathroom? That is even a different ball game entirely. The kitchen and bathroom are places where water is inevitable. So, you might need to install floor tiles that can withstand the heavy pressure of the constant dropping of water. Aside from that, you will also have to be careful not to use kitchen floor tiles with glossy surfaces on your kitchen and bathroom floor as it may lead to accidental falls, which may cause severe injuries. 

As it is going now, it is reasonable to conclude that it is essential to use different types of floor tiles in other rooms in a home. Having established that fact, let’s consider some pro tips on choosing the perfect floor tiles for different rooms in your interior space. 

1. Consider the floor tiles hardness 

When choosing the right floor tiles for any room in your interior space, one of the essential features you will need to watch out for is the hardness of the tiles. 

On a general note, floor tiles in the interior part tend to experience more foot traffic than the ones in the exterior space. It is mainly expected that occupants of a home will have reasons to frequently move from one room to another, resulting in wear and tear, causing scratches and cracks as it persists for a long time. That is why you need to make sure you install floor tiles with a hard surface in most of the rooms in your home. 

Floor tiles with hard surfaces can withstand the daily heavy foot traffic. They don’t scratch easily and can retain their good-looking appearance as long as the building stays erect. Hard-surfaced floor tiles work well in almost all the rooms in the interior part of a home.

2. Do not use floor tiles with high porosity

One of the factors you will have to consider is the porosity of the floor tiles you want to install in the interior space. You can determine the porosity of floor tiles by checking the ratio of air holes to the solids in the tiles, which has to do with the amount of water the tiles can absorb. 

For instance, you will need more porous floor tiles in some water-prone rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and mudrooms which might not be necessary for living rooms and bedrooms that are expected to remain dry. 

Here are the standard porosity classifications:

  • Impervious: absorbing water of 0.5 percent or less. Floor tiles in this classification are best for use in bathrooms and kitchens precisely.
  • Vitreous: aborning water of 0.5 to 3 percent. Floor tiles in this classification are best for use in more minor water-prone areas like bedrooms and walkways.
  • Semi vitreous: absorbing water of 3 – 7 percent.
  • Nonvitreous: absorbing water of 7 percent and more. Floor tiles in this category are best for use in living rooms and bedrooms.  

3. Porcelain can serve you round

Porcelain floor tiles can work almost in every room in the exterior part of a home. That is one of the reasons it is among the most common floor tiles you see in different homes.  Click here to learn about 7 Pro Tips to Keep Your Floor Tiles Clean and Healthy.

If you are looking for floor tiles that have incredible strength, water resistance and are very versatile in creating sensational designs, porcelain floor tiles can be your best option. It lasts longer than ceramics tiles and provides a broader range of shapes, colors, styles, and textures.

7 Pro Tips to Choose the Perfect Floor Tiles for Interior Space

4. Watch out for slip resistance

7 Pro Tips to Choose the Perfect Floor Tiles for Interior Space

Most floor tiles tend to be slippery, especially when water comes into the equation. And, you know that is a little bit dangerous for your household, especially if you have tender children and elderly in your home. Slippery tiles can cause more danger than imagines. It is best to avoid tiles with a slippery surface to be on the safer side. 

If you are thinking of the right floor tiles that can work better on your bathroom floor, it is best to go for slip-resistant floor tiles no matter the cost. Suitable slip resistance floor tiles are recommended, particularly for the shower area. 

5. Go for ceramic wood floor tiles instead of hardwood 

You might like the appealing look of the hardwood, but I bet you would not want to keep up with the high maintenance demands. So, it is better to opt for ceramic wood floor tiles to save yourself from unnecessary stress. Ceramic wood floor tiles are highly durable, and they are resistant to moisture, scratches, and cracks.

Best of all, ceramic wood floor tiles are easier to find and relatively less expensive. 

6. Go for stone floor tiles to project luxury and quality 

7 Pro Tips to Choose the Perfect Floor Tiles for Interior Space

If you want to upgrade your home to a luxurious one, stone floor tile is your best option. When it comes to incredible beauty and durability, stone floor tiles are second to none. 

Have you ever imagined how much marble, travertine, and granite can beautify your interior space? It goes beyond expression. It is not a gainsaying that you will love what stone floor tiles have to offer. Since no two stones look alike, it gives you naturally charming floor tiles that will draw every eye at first glance. You can read about how made marble? by visiting

7. Make the space larger with light floor tiles 

Do you know that you can expand a small room to look bigger without adding a piece of brick? Yes! Meanwhile, it doesn’t require a talisman to make it happen; you only have to install light color floor tiles and, boom! Your used-to-be tiny room becomes bigger. 

Larger floor tiles have a way of affecting your view to make a small room look bigger. If you want the magic to be more elaborate, you can install the light color tiles on the wall. 

Final Words 

You can transform your home into an image in your mind if you know how to use floor tiles to achieve your desire. And, you don’t have to be a tile professional to perform the magic. You only have to know how to go about the whole transformation process, which all starts from choosing the right floor tiles for every room in the interior space of your home. And that is what you have learned from this blog post.